It’s craft time: Victor’s scarf

Like most of planet Earth I’m obsessed with Yūri!!! On Ice, and I just had to make something inspired by it. Victor’s scarf turned out to be super simple! If you’re a knitting beginner this will be the perfect project for learning an increase and zoning out in front of your fourth marathon rewatch to just knit knit knit.

There’s a peculiar feature of this scarf that I’m sure is just a quirk of animation but I couldn’t resist patterning it out. I translated it to a 1×1 rib at the ends and garter in the middle to simulate the lines we see here:

Plymouth’s Encore Chunky Tweed gave me just the right shade of dark huntery olive, and I made it a tweed because this man is classy af. The yarn label suggests US 10 needles but I bumped it up to 10.5. Probably could’ve gone higher to give it a bit more of that sumptuous drape, but hindsight, amirite. I’m trying to switch to continental but still find ribbing difficult, so I ended up throwing in rib and picking in garter, which nicely loosened up the knit in the middle.

To wrap around once, I decided on an 8” wide, 60” long scarf (excluding tassels). His looks like half the width and double the length at times, so go with whatever is cozier/more practical for you. You’d save half the yardage on tassels if you make it narrow, but it also becomes an odd number of stitches so you’ll have to be careful with your ribbing.

Since rib bunches up you need to decrease as you start garter, then increase at the other end. For my gauge that was 42 stitches in rib to 28 in garter (21 in rib, 15 in garter for the half-width version, but that was all English style; I might’ve needed fewer stitches in garter using continental). I would suggest playing with the gauge yourself and adjusting the number of stitches depending on how tightly you knit. I did 32 rows of rib before switching (measuring about 7″ long), but also reversed the rib every 8 rows just to mix it up.

Don’t forget to cut out your tassel allotment first, just in case! (Mine totaled to about 27yd.)

Victor Nikiforov’s winter scarf

3 balls Plymouth Yarn’s Encore Chunky Tweed, color 3525
US 10.5 (6.5mm) knitting needles or circulars
crochet hook

  • CO 42 sts
  • row 1: (k1, p1)*
  • rows 2-8: repeat row 1
  • row 9: (p1, k1)*
  • rows 10-16: repeat row 9
  • rows 17-32: repeat rows 1-16
  • row 33: decrease from 42 sts to 28 sts evenly across the row in garter
  • continue in garter to desired length minus 7”
  • increase from 28 to 42 sts evenly across the row in 1×1 rib (moss increase) starting with knit
  • repeat rows 2-32
  • cast off in knit, weave in ends
  • add tassels using crochet hook

And you’re done, so stay warm!

Merry Candlenights everybody, and happy birthday to this lovely Russian doll!


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