What this is: I watch anime and tell you how it went. Sometimes I talk about other stuff too.

Who I am: a lady, a scholar, and crunchyroll subscriber. Not an expert. Wait, no, I meant definitely, definitely an expert.

My background is in linguistics, anthropology, and fiction writing. Everything I see runs through those filters; I have no formal training in film, animation, or anything else really. Nor have I done much reading on these things, neither scholarship nor criticism. So while my perspective may be lacking, at least I have a slightly different one than most other people talking about this crap.

Who this is for: noobs, but also anime fans, TVtropers, gamers, and anyone else who might get my dumb references. I personally lie at about the midway point between “what the hell is this” and “I totally know what’s going on”, so I do my best to bridge the gap between the otaku and the uninitiated.


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