How it works

By its pilot: wherein I judge a series by its first episode (or first few, if it’s a multi-parter). Sometimes highly structured, sometimes not. I’m a mercurial creature.

The scores: on a 5-point scale.

[5] Will watch to completion without a doubt.
[4] Will gladly continue, time permitting.
[3] Would not be opposed to continuing if strongly urged.
[2] Would be strongly opposed to continuing even if *strongly* urged.
[1] Will not continue under any circumstances.

Premiere marathon: a handful of random choices from a new batch of shows. Scores work the same as for pilots.

Series: I watched/read it all, and feel compelled to talk about it. Usually a list of bullet points and some relevant metadata.

Now playing: games. May be at any stage of completion.

Mixed Bag: whatever else.


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