The name

The Idiot from Osaka is what you’d call a trope. Characters from the Kansai region of Japan (where the city of Osaka lives) are generally portrayed in media as the dolt, backwater, brash and uncultured, or even a lost country lamb in the big city.

I’m not Japanese so I don’t have socially-imposed ideas of what traits a Japanese accent is supposed to code for. In dubs the Osaka regional accent is usually localized as “deep South” or “Jersey”, which, depending on the circumstances and character in question, equate to roughly the same sets of stereotypes as Kansai-ben.

But to me, this accent has none of these negative connotations. All I have to go on are my ears. And to me, this Japanese dialect sounds like the pitch-accent lilt of Norwegian or Italian, and the characters that use it have a hidden depth as a result of that double exoticism. Because without culture, an accent is just an accent. (I think Freud said that.)

. . . so it’s like that, except I’m from Indiana.

Not that I have a cool accent to go with it, but hey, like the fox said, rien n’est parfait.


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